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Blanke Corp

One of the first producers of metal trims and profiles for ceramic tile and stone installations. Blanke and Co. has maintained its prominent role in the tile trim industry by continuously upgrading production facilities in order to improve delivery times and product quality, and by responding to ever changing market demands with new and innovative products.


Color Sil is designed for sealing applications exposed to high moisture areas inside or out! Color Sil is ideal for sealing around bathroom fixtures, countertop surfaces, tile/grout areas, wall panels, glass, and much more. If you like the performance of silicone, but don’t care for the shine, Color Sil offers the versatility of choosing from three different finishes: Standard, Satin, and Sanded. You’ll find the exact Color Sil match for every job in your house or on the jobsite with over 300 colors in stock, and custom colors available!


The quality of EmilCeramica products is unsurpassed.  Our production system implements cutting edge technologies to reach the highest quality standards, from the selection and grinding of raw materials to the pressing, from full HD digital decoration to automatic selection with digital optics instruments.  Each tile we make has to pass 40 controls: dimensional, structural and surface finish, to guarantee constant selection of all EmilCeramica Group products.

Johns Manville

GoBoard™ is the new ultra-lightweight yet durable, waterproof tile backer board from Johns Manville.ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT: Engineered to be dependable even though it’s much lighter weight than cement and other heavy boards, GoBoard can be installed in residential and light commercial tile applications. EASY TO CUT, HANDLE & INSTALL: GoBoard can be quickly cut right where it’s installed with a basic utility knife without crumbling or disintegrating. And, it’s much easier to handle than cement and other heavy boards. BUILT-IN WATERPROOFING: GoBoard saves time and money because you seal only the board joints and fastener locations for a waterproof tile assembly*. GoBoard is available in 1/4” for floors and countertops, and 1/2” for walls, showers, ceilings and floors.

SLCC Flooring

SLCC FLOORS™ supplies and distributes products that not only look beautiful, but also have a low impact on our environment. We are a U.S.-based supplier commited to providing flooring products that meet or exceed sustainability standards with beauty and durability.  SLCC Wood Flooring products deliver unmatched beauty, durabililty, structural strength, and overall long life to your home or commercial space.  Hardwood flooring provides warmth and timeless beauty that will last a lifetime.  We make sure that all of the hardwood floors we offer honor that tradition, and meet all of your expectations too, ensuring you receive the perfect hardwood floor for your office or living space.